The European Cytogeneticists Association (E.C.A.) is a European Association registered in France.
It was founded in July 1997 (journal-officel.gouv.fr 19970027 No. 1218 05/07/1997).
Head office: 32 rue Guy Môquet 92240 Malakoff FRANCE. Website: www.e-c-a.eu


  • The representation and promotion of fundamental research and applications of cytogenetics.
  • The organisation, assessment, and quality control of cytogenetic services in Europe.
  • Research, education and training in all fields which are of interest to or concern cytogenetics and cytogeneticists.
  • Facilitation of transfer of information and collaboration between laboratories.
  • Representation of professionals in cytogenetics.
  • The study of any question and the defence of interests concerning cytogeneticists or cytogenetics in general.

The Association achieves its objectives in many ways, in particular through

  • The biennial European Cytogenetics Conference.
  • Publishing twice per year the E.C.A. Newsletter.
  • Representing the interests of cytogeneticists by sitting on the committees of other bodies and contributing to policies.
  • Organizing an annual Advanced Postgraduate Course in Classical and Molecular Cytogenetics.
  • Maintaining a website with current information about cytogenetics and cytogeneticists