The present Committee (Laura K. Conlin, Johan T. den Dunnen, Rosalind J. Hastings, Jin-Yeong Han, Nils Mandahl, Jean McGowan-Jordan, Sarah Moore, Cynthia C. Morton) was elected in the spring of 2018, with Jean McGowan-Jordan as Chair. The Committee elected a new Chair, Rosalind Hastings, following the publication of ISCN 2020. There are three vacancies on the ISCN Committee that now need to be elected. To facilitate continuity and maintain geographic distribution of the committee, new members are required from the Asia (1), Europe or Americas (1), Africa and Australia/New Zealand/Oceania (1).

The position is non-remunerable and for a period of four years in the first instance. Most meeting are held remotely and expenses are paid for any in-person meetings. An excellent working knowledge of English is essential.

Interested applicants should have an extensive background in ISCN and experience of reporting complex cytogenomic results. The applicant should either be a head of department; section or a senior member of department.

Applicants should submit a short CV plus a supporting letter explaining how they could contribute to the committee to [email protected]. The CV should be no longer than one A4 page in length. All nomination must be made or seconded by a Head or Section Head of a diagnostic laboratory. Self- nominations will not be accepted.

The nominations of potential new Committee members shall be by email. Nominations for candidates including their name, affiliation, postal address and e-mail address should be e-mailed to the Chair at [email protected] before June 17, 2022, after which the list of nominated candidates will be published with the call for voting. Ballots for voting can be requested from the Chair at [email protected] after June 17, 2022, by including your name, affiliation, postal address, and email. The election ballots with voting procedures will then be distributed after July 22, 2022 to the requested address. Instructions for returning the ballots will accompany the ballot requests.